Smash Studio Advantages

Creative, Design, Production and Consultation Services for
Publishers, Catalogers, Corporate Communications and Retail.

The Smash Studio Way.

While offshoring production has been a popular method for publishers to contain costs over the last decade, those savings can come with challenges such as international communications, internal organizational barriers, cultural compatibility, choosing the right supplier, loss of control and knowledge transfer, controlling cost overruns, providers failing to deliver and data security issues.

Smash Studio provides a counterpoint to offshoring. Our services and customer support are designed to provide the same economic advantages of offshoring but with a US based team who simply know you and your challenges.

What’s the Difference?

Glad you asked. Smash Studio is known for its work with publishers of all content. We turn innovation, implementation and management into creative workflow solutions for modern publishers. Our team unifies creative and production processes and streamlines them into multi-application workflows. We design and  produce multimedia content across all delivery platforms. Our hallmark is collaboration with our partners. You will find us to be proactive, continually striving to introduce new ideas and tools and raising the bar in quality while helping to manage your costs.

Flexible. Integrated. Practical.

At Smash Studio, we preach flexibility. We’ll work with your existing formats and templates or design fresh, new publications. Are you looking to convert a print publication into a digital version? Integrate with your existing content management system and proprietary software? Do you need help finding new technologies? We’re expert users of industry standards like Adobe Creative Suite to ensure seamless integration. We’re here to make production easier for you.