Smash Studio Team

Regina Marsh and Carmelo Cataudella created the idea for Smash Studio after working in the publishing industry for over 30 years.

The Smash Studio Family

The team that defines our company stands for itself. Both Regina and Carmelo successfully manage projects for a wide array of clients. More specifically by transforming inefficient workflows into positive cash flows. They have faced just about every challenge and permutation that the ever-shifting industry has presented them. This team has has leveraged their heritage into bleeding edge technologies and know how, that simplifies the complex operations of a modern publication like never seen before.

An extended talented and motivated team supports Smash Studio — expert designers, programmers, developers, project managers, production specialists, and imagers.

Regina Marsh, Owner


With over 35 years experience in the publishing, advertising and corporate communications industries, Regina brings the highest level of creative direction, design, and production to Smash Studio. She has an astounding record for effectiveness and success in print and digital applications for publishing, advertising, and corporate communications. Regina emphasizes Smash Studio’s stellar record for client satisfaction.


Regina began her career in publishing as an Art Director on several of General Media’s flagship publications. She was then a Vice President of Cantor Design and Associates, both located in New York City. Regina maintains a two-decade track record working for and with Paisano Publications in Agoura Hills, CA. As Corporate Director of Operations, she led the transition to digital content and instituted advancements which brought all production services in-house and then through her company, Marsh Media, as Editorial and Advertising Creative Director. Smash Studio is the successor to Marsh Media.

Success and Awards

Regina has designed and produced over 30 consumer and business publications with 10 successful newsstand launches. Her accolades have been recognized with several prestigious awards including the New York Art Director’s Club Silver Medal and multiple Merit Awards. Regina has been featured as a panelist at several technology seminars for magazine publishing.

Carmelo Cataudella, Partner


Carmelo is a rare commodity in business. A tech-savvy creative with an analytical mindset and extraordinary set of people skills. As a seasoned professional, Carmelo instills confidence in all of our clients, who immediately entrust him to execute their strategies. He has an eye for the big picture – a skill he developed as a photographer. Adding to Carmelo’s impressive profile is his experience as a graphic designer.


Carmelo toiled in the B2B dot-com space, specializing in office equipment, managing and directing web marketing, sales teams and e-commerce objectives. Carmelo’s web experience complements his early career in project management, where he oversaw the operations of multiple small businesses.


In recent years, Carmelo joined forces with Regina Marsh, lending his expertise to her expanding client base. With his experience in everything from project management to graphic design, desktop publishing, imaging and pre-press, he is both a valuable asset and powerful business partner. Carmelo and Regina decided to formalize their business relationship in order to form the revolutionary new magazine publishing company we now know as Smash Studio.